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JPMedics Kawa

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The JPMedics Kawa is our newest chair incorporating refinements and features not normally found on a Japanese manufactured chair. Our 3D robotic engine moves along an extra-long “L-Track” and performs a humanlike massage providing a visceral experience from the neck to the glutes. The Kawa features air cell technology to position the body for a better massage and most importantly for effective stretching of the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. The foot rollers are a combination of pressure point massage and compression. Ten expertly choreographed massage programs or a personalized custom massage are at your fingertips using our large touchscreen remote.

3D Humanistic Massage Mechanism
10 Automatic Massage Programs
7 Relaxing Back Massage Techniques
Adjustable Speed and Intensity
Foot Rollers
Spot/Partial Focus Massage
Lumbar Heat Therapy
Full Body Air Massage / Arm Massage
Shoulder Massage / Foot and Calf Massage
30 Airbags / 3 Air intensity Levels
1” Wall Saver
Quick Auto Body Scanning
Advanced Bluetooth Speaker
Wired LCD Remote Control
Auto-Time 5-30 Minutes Options
Max Massage Time: 30 Minutes